Current exhibitions

Pece’s work can be seen and purchased at the Fletcher Gate Art Gallery in Nottingham and at his studio in Penclawdd Swansea.

Discover my most recent pieces from my new work collection at the Fletcher Gate Art Gallery in Nottingham and explore the creativity of paint pouring.

Zino Pece is an abstract artist based in Wales. His work seeks to push the boundaries of painting. Linking experimentation with imagination, in a quest for new visual phenomena.

A demanding aesthetic is the key that opens the door to his vision, unashamedly making beauty a priority. This is not to suggest superficiality, as these works cannot be beautiful without originality and meaning. Pece’s faith, life experiences and a love of nature are the main sources of inspiration. Although abstract, these works convey a subject; often landscape analogous. For Pece, these topics are best served aesthetically strong. Guided by this, along with an open spirit, he places forms and colours and follows a process of actions, observations, decisions and risks in search of reaching a point of realisation.

Kenworth Moffett, former curator of twentieth century art at Boston Museum of Fine Arts wrote: “…Zino Pece has become one of the handful of painters at the cutting edge of modern abstraction. Following in the footsteps of Jackson Pollock and Morris Louis, he orchestrates improvisational paint pouring on a large scale. Unlike his forbearers, he is able to exploit the unique properties of the new water based polymer paints to achieve the freedom and fluidity which he craves. Pece’s pictures freeze a spontaneous, yet perfect moment in the flow of paint.”

Living in Wales, where he is surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery, this access is an enduring education. The landscape’s ever-changing light, colours, forms and drama are a lesson from the creator. A world of kaleidoscopic changes and polychromatic hues, where beauty mirrors profundity. Being largely self-taught has encouraged a departure from convention. To quote the musician Giovanni Giorgio:

“once you free your mind about harmony and of music being correct you can do whatever you want. So nobody told me what to do and there was no preconception of what to do.”

Pece likens this sentiment in music to the progression of his art.

Zino Pece’s paintings are held in private collections throughout the UK, Europe, USA and Canada. He has exhibited at the Glynn Vivien Museum and MOMA, Wales, at various galleries in England and Wales and at many art fairs.